Tampa Bay Cast & Blast

Check out our amazing Cast and Blast trips if you’re ready for a dual-action day full of adventurous fishing and hunting.   Tampa’s ecosystems serve as the perfect backdrop for phenomenal inshore fishing combined with some of the best duck hunting in the entire state of Florida.



Inshore Fishing in Tampa Bay

Fish Tamer inshore charters are an incredible way to get out in skinny water in search of the many species our area has to offer. Whether you’re targeting redfish, snook, sheepshead, tarpon, trout, or any other kind of fish in the area, we have a ton of experience putting our clients in the best fishing spots to make things happen!

Tampa is loaded with productive water. We catch fish in various settings, including grass flats, concentrations of mangroves, shell (oyster) bars, bays, docks, and more.   The bottom line is that we are abundantly blessed with an immense amount of fishable space. Through experience, we know where the best spots are to take our clients for the optimal opportunities to hook up and land plenty of fish.



Tampa Bay Duck Hunting

There’s no better way to top off a great day of inshore fishing than embarking on an incredible duck hunting trip in the backwaters of Tampa Bay. We treat our clients to a scenic landscape full of plenty of targets throughout a shallow water paradise. Among the many species of duck that we aim for are Blue Bills, Redheads, Mergansers, Canvasbacks, Teals, Mottled Ducks, and Black Belly Whistling Ducks.

Capt. Phil has significant experience hunting for waterfowl in the Tampa area. His trips are perfect for almost any skill level making these trips a great family or small group outing.


Final Word

With some careful planning to take advantage of awesome duck seasons here in Florida, you’ll be able to enjoy great hunting and fishing in one great Cast and Blast trip. The ecosystem here in Tampa is comprised of some of the best natural habitats in the world with fertile environments perfect for hosting substantial inshore fish and waterfowl populations.

Space is limited for our Cast and Blast trips.   Get in touch with us today to book your next trip so you don’t miss out on this unique combination of casting and shooting. You’ll have the time of your life catching fish and bagging ducks on this extraordinary Florida adventure.

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