Ruskin, Fl. Fishing Charters

Ruskin, on the west coast of Florida, is conveniently located approximately 20 miles from the city of Tampa Bay and one hour from most Orlando area family attractions. It’s the perfect launching pad for your fishing excursion into Tampa Bay.   The bay area offers inshore and backcountry fishing adventures galore with plenty of popular species to target.

Fish Tamer is one of the premier fishing charter services in Ruskin, Florida, offering anglers the unparalleled opportunity to fish some of the most productive inshore waters in the country.  

What Species of Fish Can you Expect to Catch out of Ruskin?

Our area is home to a multitude of inshore species, but some of the most common and popular are:

  • Seatrout
  • Redfish
  • Tarpon
  • Snook
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Sheepshead
  • And more

What are the Best Times of Year to Catch Fish in Tampa Bay?

Fishing here in Tampa rarely shuts down. The weather in this part of Florida provides ample and seemingly endless opportunities for fishing in and around the bay.   Although we enjoy year-round fishing, there are few key seasons to take advantage of optimal fishing for certain species.  

  • TarponTarpon are the mack daddies of the game fishing world here in Tampa Bay. The annual tarpon migration typically occurs from May through July. Tarpon invade Tampa Bay with enormous numbers of these giant fish pushing into area waters. This time of year presents an exceptional opportunity to catch large numbers of fish. 
  • Sheepshead – Tampa is home to a population of resident sheepshead throughout the year, but wintertime is generally accepted as one of the best times to catch these fish in large numbers.
  • Redfish – Redfish are prevalent in Tampa waters during most weather conditions, making them a year-round fishing favorite.   One of the best times to target reds is from the late summer months through fall months, when reds are in the midst of their spawning season and tend to school up in more significant numbers.   
  • Snook – Snook can be found in the bay area most of the year but in larger numbers when water temps rise. Therefore, some of the best snook fishing occurs during late spring and summer.  
  • Seatrout – The trout bite is generally on throughout the year here.   Some anglers like to target cooler weather fish moving into grass flats, while others feel that trout spawning months present the best opportunity to catch large numbers of fish. The bottom line is that trout are readily and abundantly available to catch during most Tampa Bay seasons.

We’re proud of what our area has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a fishing-only trip or a vacation with many diverse options for fun in the Florida sun, Ruskin provides the perfect backdrop for your next adventure here in the Sunshine State. If you’re looking for the best Ruskin, Florida fishing charter, Fish Tamer Charters is the go-to guide service for Tampa Bay area inshore fishing trips that are second to none. 

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