Key West Lobstering

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Key West Lobster Charters

Key West is home to lobstering and the ever-popular mini-season. The mini-season is just two days, begins the last Wednesday of July, and ends at midnight Thursday. Then, just a week or so later, the regular season begins at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 6th.


With 1,800 miles of mangrove shoreline and 1.4 million acres of seagrass, these underwater ecosystems attract spiny lobsters.


The Florida Keys’ marine ecosystem includes 6,000 species including five species of sea turtles and marine mammals like the Florida manatee.

The Fishing

In Key West, we take adavantage of the area and host fishing charters inshore, nearshore, and offshore. Mahi Mahi and more favorites.

Your Guide

Capt. Phil heads down to the Keys every year for the start of the lobster mini-season and then stays about a month – for fishing and lobstering.

Lobster Are Quick!

Lobsters prefer reefs and rock formations, but those caught out in the open sand are not easy. With one flip of the tail, these guys will launch, leaving the diver confused and empty-handed.

4h key west fishing
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