Bait and Tackle for Bringing in Redfish

Redfish are one of the most popular fish to catch here in Tampa Bay, and for a good reason. They’re fun to see, and they put up a good fight. But to have a successful day fishing for redfish, you need to know what kind of bait to use.

Artificial Lures and Live Bait

Regarding what you put on the line to pull in a monster red, two varieties are available. There are Artificial lures; these are used to convince the fish that they are their appetizing real-life counterpart. Live bait is our other option, which is the real deal and what the fish want. Here’s everything you need to know about the artificial lures and live bait you can use to fish for redfish.

Soft Plastics

soft plastic lures are a good option for fishing for redfish. These lures come in various shapes and colors and can be dressed up with feathers or other materials to make them even more enticing to fish. The best part about soft plastics is the human aspect; you get to make this essential piece of plastic into the most delicious-looking meal a redfish has ever seen. This takes some skill and a lot of practice to get there.

Top Water

Any experienced fisherman knows that there is no such thing as a sure bet when it comes to fishing, but if there is one lure that consistently produces results for redfish, it is the top water plug. Topwater plugs are designed to float on the water’s surface, making them ideal for attracting reds that feed on baitfish near the surface. The loud popping noise that topwater plugs make as they are retrieved can often trigger a strike even when fish are not actively feeding. For anglers fishing in Tampa’s open bays, along jetties, or in the surf, a topwater plug is often the best choice for landing a big redfish.

Natural Bait

In addition to artificial lures, natural bait is an effective way to catch redfish. There are two types of natural bait, and then in those types, there are different variations. Those two types are live bait; the real deal is fish on the hook. And then there is the dead bait; dead bait can be left whole, or they can be cut up into chunks and thrown on a circle hook.

One type of live bait that’s commonly used is shrimp. Shrimp are readily available at most bait shops, and they’re a perfect choice if you’re fishing in saltwater. Another type of live bait that works well for redfish is crab. Crab is often found near shorelines and estuaries, making them a good choice if you’re fishing in these areas.

Cut dead bait can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you buy it that way or do it yourself. Standard cut baits include squid and mullet, but there are plenty of other options out there; the best source of bait is the ones you can catch in the area the redfish live.

Final Word

There are a variety of different artificial lures and live bait options that you can use when fishing for redfish. Choosing the right choice is essential based on the type of water you’re fishing in and the time of year. If you’re not sure what kind of bait to use, book a trip today and have a pro give you all the help you need. You’ll have a successful day fishing for redfish with the right bait!

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